A solution for special needs.

Downloadable files with activity and exercise ideas & an online advisory service to help babies and kids reach their next developmental milestones.

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What do we do?

AT THE HOME THERAPY KIT our goal is to be there for you, to provide guidance when you notice your child’s development is behind their age.

We can be your rock when your baby, toddler or child hasn't reached a particular developmental milestone yet and you don't know where to turn to, or where to get help from in your local area.

You can find downloadable sheets with activity and exercise ideas so you can help your little one achieve those developmental milestones. Whether the issue is head control, physiological or cognitive delay, ADHD or behavioural challenges, we’ve created various “Task Series” for every diagnosis and symptom, and we constantly work to provide information to cater for all possible needs.

Our Vision and Mission

To be a reliable online surface

We want to provide the most reliable online surface and tools for families - with children living with special needs -to achieve their child’s highest potential.

To enable everyone

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Every child has the opportunity to achieve his/her fullest potential.

To empower families

We would like to empower parents, families and carers with skills to handle and develop their baby or child with various needs when one on one therapy with a therapist is not available.


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We are located in the beautiful land of Aotearoa

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