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Get to Know Us
& Our Philosophy

Hello, Kia ora

We’re pleased you found us and we really hope the information you find here is useful to you. 

In our numerous years of experience, we have come across many parents who struggle to find their place in the system. When your child appears to have a developmental delay,

TIME is of the essence!

You might wonder:

Where do I turn? Who should we see?

What can we afford?

How long is the waiting list?

How often can we see a therapist?

The Home Therapy Kit can help those parents who haven't found their place and need some help and ideas RIGHT NOW.

Meet The Team



Child Developmental Therapist


Sensory Integration Specialist

Hydrotherapy instructor

I am Gabi, a professional neurodevelopmental therapist with over 25 years’ international experience in the paediatric special needs field. I am specialised in cerebral palsy and sensory processing difficulties (SPD). I also have extensive experience in learning difficulties such as ADHD and dyspraxia. I’ve had successful practices in the USA, the UK and in Europe. 

I currently live with my family in New Zealand, where I’ve established and operate my own business which provides hydrotherapy services for children with varying disabilities. 

My most important goal is to provide the best therapy solution for everyone, which can be adapted in the home environment. No matter where you are or what your background is, I am keen to “equip” you with a simple “toolset” which will allow you to become an active participant in your child’s development.



Conductor/Conductive Education Practitioner

I am Reka and I have been practicing Conductive Education for over 12 years.


I am passionate about helping people achieve their highest potential. When I work with children living with special needs, a most important part of my job has always been to support the parents and everyone involved in the child's development.


During my practice, I provide professional input, emotional reinforcement and education to the best of my knowledge and ability.


Holistic vision & Practicality

The activities and exercises we've put together are based on the potential needs of babies and children. The tasks we have collected are practical, easy to follow, and shouldn't take up a lot of time and energy.

Our Task Series focus on very specific symptoms, rather than building tasks based on the diagnosis,  so you can just choose the symptom you feel really needs focusing on and work on that.

Alongside the exercise sheets, you have the option to schedule a meeting with one or other of us to discuss setting up a personalised plan exclusively for your child.

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