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The first steps of learning head control

Recommended Task Series for babies to improve head control


This is the 2nd part of the 'Task Series for babies with atypical motor development' series.


This particular Task Series provides guidelines for those babies (from corrected age 3 months to 18 months old) who haven’t met their developmental milestones regarding head control, such as elevating and turning their heads on their tummy, or maintaining visual engagement on their back.


The aim of these tasks is to provide scaffolded physical activities in order for the child to experience changing positions and participate in fractions of movements that lead them to develop effective head control.


Our downloadable Task Series templates provide professional guidelines to support the development of your child. 


Having a child with neuro-atypical development can be challenging and we understand the unrelenting responsibility of doing your best to support them. That is why it is crucially important to understand your child’s current ability level. 


If you are uncertain where exactly your child is at in their developmental journey, please seek advice from your GP or specialist, or contact us so we can make the right recommendation in your child’s best developmental interest. 


Our downloadable templates provide expert advice on helping your child reach their developmental milestones. These Task Series provide step by step information in a linear fashion in accordance with the developmental progression of a neurotypical child. 


It is important to note that exchanging, skipping, or changing the recommended order of tasks in any given Task Series will not serve the best interest of your child or their development. Do please seek our advice if you are unsure where to start.

The first steps of learning head control

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